Factory Equipment

With Years of Industry Expertise

At France Derma Lab, with years of Industry expertise, we help you with sourcing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment tailored to your cosmetic and personal care manufacturing needs.

Research and Equipment Selection

Our experience allows us to examine laboratory equipment, manufacturing processes, and packaging solutions, all aligned with our clients’ budgets. We specialize in selecting suppliers based on safety standards and budget constraints, ensuring a tailored approach.

Machinery Procurement

Purchasing the right machineries is pivotal in the manufacturing sector. Even for a home-based business, various small machines and hand tools are needed. Making decisions regarding machinery and equipment purchases is not an easy task for new entrepreneurs. In France Derma Lab, we help you through the entire purchasing process, ensuring right choices according to your needs.

Improve your production capabilities with cutting-edge equipment.

Other Services

Brand Design

We are there for you in all stages of production, from brainstorming the initial idea to final stage and transportating to all over the world. Thanks to the producting and launching experience in various projects, we have considered all aspects of the process.