Project Initiation

The very first step in our collaboration with your brand is here – where, with our consultants’ assistance, we decide on defining and executing the project, whether to be insourced or outsourced. We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entire path right from the beginning.


The knowledge applied in creating and producing your projects is the key to developing cosmetic and hygiene products that align with the fundamental values of your brand. At every stage of launching of the project, our consultants at France Derma Lab offer you the best solutions. We will be there for you from the very first steps.


Based on your project’s requirements and considering the capabilities of France Derma Lab, along with our team’s the expertise, various stages of work are carried out in this operational company. These include and not limited to R&D, proposing initial formulation, preparing initial samples, obtaing legal registration, procuring high-quality raw materials, etc.


France Derma Lab possess an expansive connection network which offers you the opportunity to benefit from world-class knowledge and expertise. You will seize the opportunity of vast executive facilities to implement your projects, trusting in the latest global and European capabilities.

Other Services

Brand Design

We are there for you in all stages of production, from brainstorming the initial idea to final stage and transportating to all over the world. Thanks to the producting and launching experience in various projects, we have considered all aspects of the process.