Primary Product

Welcome to our expertise area, where we are dedicated to overcome all technical challenges in bringing your cosmetic and hygiene projects to life. In a rigid standard demanding market, we offer the best cosmetic products tailored to your specifications, conforming to ISO 16128, Cosmos Natural, Cosmos Organic, Vegan, Halal, and other standards.

Providing Initial Formulation

Our team consistently explores and identifies the finest raw materials and ingredients that align precisely with your product requirements. All is done while considering your budget and personal preferences, ensuring the production of an initial formulation that meets your expectations.

Developing Pre-production Sample

Once the initial formulation is perfected on paper, our experts take it to the next level in the laboratory, optimizing and developing your specific formulation. Your products undergo rigorous testing for formula stability and compatibility. We examine reactions between formulations and their adaptibility with product packaging under various environmental conditions, addressing every aspect attentively.

Providing High Quality Ingredients

No matter you engage our expert teams at the initial steps of formulation preparation or entrust us with the production and procurement of raw materials, we guarantee the quality of ingredients. Our colleagues adhere to the highest standards, ensuring the quality of your products. Embrace excellence in every step of your product’s journey with us.

Other Services

Brand Design

We are there for you in all stages of production, from brainstorming the initial idea to final stage and transportating to all over the world. Thanks to the producting and launching experience in various projects, we have considered all aspects of the process.